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On the 11th of July, Andrew and Jeff are off to the land of yaks and gers, taking part in the Mongolia Charity Rally (www.mongolia.charityrallies.org). It is an annual rally, and this year over 50 teams are taking part. There are teams from Australia, England, Scotland, Hong Kong, Sweden, USA, Italy, Canada, Switzerland and many other countries.

Andrew and Jeff will be driving across Europe, through Turkey and into northern Iran. Then it’s along the Great Silk Road through Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan onto Kazakhstan and Siberia. Then it’s over the Altai mountains, crossing the Gobi Desert and finishing many weeks later in Ulaanbataar, the ancient capital of Mongolia. All in all a 16,000km  journey expected to take 6 to 7 weeks.

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Teams find a vehicle, fundraise as much charity and sponsorship money as they can, and then set off from Brussels, totally unsupported and left to their own resources, not to be seen again until they reach Mongolia.

Andrew and Jeff have found the right vehicle to take on the journey. It needs to be capable of making the distance, travelling on European motorways, desert roads, mountain passes and river crossings. It also has to be suitable to donate to Go Help and a Mongolian community to use after the trip. What could be better than a Toyota Hilux!

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T-shirts and stickers
T-shirts and stickers
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We are very pleased to have these companies supporting us:

Scarboro Toyota has been extremely generous in helping us source our vehicle, to be sure we get the best one available. The Toyota Hilux Dual Cab 4WD is one of those unbustable vehicles that Jeff and Andrew know they can rely on. Scarboro Toyota are also supplying their services to prepare the vehicle for the journey, upgrading the suspension, supplying spare wheels and tyres, and fully servicing the vehicle. This is extremely generous of them and we greatly appreciate the help they are giving us.

Travel Directors in West Leederville have expertise in Central Asia adventure tours. They are assisting us with the difficult task of securing visas for the many countries we will be transiting. This is quite an undertaking and we are very grateful for their support. They are also organising our travel to the starting point in Brussels and bringing us back from Ulaan Bataar. Their expertise in this region is priceless, and they are the people to see if you want to visit this area.

We would both appreciate your support via a donation or sponsorship supplying various items for out trip. We will happily acknowledge our larger sponsors in our promotional pamphlets as well as on our car. We look forward to posting many photos and videos of our trip in some incredible locations so all our generous sponsors and supporters can follow us.

There are two ways you can support us in the Mongol Charity Rally.

The main way is to donate towards the gift vehicle and lots of supplies that will be handed over to a local community support group aiding children’s health and education in Mongolia.

For many months of the year weather conditions necessitate a 4WD vehicle to service the many and varied communities scattered across the steppes of Mongolia, which is why we have purchased a Toyota Hilux 4WD to hand over to Go Help on our arrival in Ulaan Bataar.  Also, Go Help has published a wish list ( see bottom of page) of needed supplies for their educational and medical projects in Mongolia. We are looking at purchasing educational stationary such as pens and pencils, art supplies and calculators etc, as well as health and toiletry supplies such as disposable gloves, toothpaste and brushes, band aids etc to take in the car.  Your support for these gifts would be highly appreciated.

You can donate towards  the gift vehicle and educational and medical supplies via this link: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=F6GTFK3FEVUR4 

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The other way is to donate directly to the Go Help charity to support the many programs they run in Mongolia. Due to the generosity of our friends our target amount has been reached and our team sits at the top of the donor list, however, if we keep adding, so much the better!.

You can donate  to Go Help (click this  Go Help link to go directly to our donation site).

If you would like to follow our travels, from the 11th July, log in to our website and learn a lot about the places we visit and the adventures we have. We have the GoPro and selfie stick at the ready!

Also, if you are interested in being a sponsor, no matter how small, just drop us a message at either molarman@iinet.net.au OR velingwj@iinet.net.au.

You can look over the whole MCR wish list by using the link below:


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