Barnaul, Russia to somewhere in Altai Mountains, Russia

There was a great stocking up of supplies this morning at a supermarket near our hotel in Barnaul. Mongolia awaits, and enough bottled water, canned fruit, fish, beans, beer and wine was needed to carry us through. Tough isn’t it!On the way out of Barnaul we stopped to see the grand old wooden houses that were built here in the late 18th and 19th centuries. Most of them are sadly gone, a few that are left are quite dilapidated, but one or two can still give a hint of the beauty and grandeur they must have displayed in their day!

We then hit the open road. The forests became thicker and wide fast flowing rivers appeared beside the farms and forests. It is beautiful country. We had a couple of stops along the way to snack and to look at the views, as well as update the latest Western Derby scores via SMS from Pat and Lucy. Mark was very happy. He is a keen Eagles fan.

Pete created a fish-dog from canned fish beside the river where people were catching fish.

Half way to the border we stumbled upon a Russian “Disneyland”. Well not quite, it is a bit tacky in parts but it has cabins by the river, people paddling rafts, a suspension bridge across the river, and a waterfall we will walk the 2.3 kms to in the morning!

The owner and staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome and secure. They allowed us to park our cars inside the
complex, they only ones, and they gave us the grand tour showing us all their facilities. This has been a common theme all through our travels. Friendly, helpful people. The world can be a great place.

We checked in! A basic dinner of the old faithful, bread and soup, french fries and veg, and meat for the adventurous.
Tomorrow we will stop just short of the Mongolian border ready to cross the next morning.

C-YA Andrew and Jeff
Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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