Fire, ravines, potholes and dead cars

Hi everyone. The following is a collection of SOME photos of the bunged up cars and trucks on the roads we have covered. Some are trucks and their containers that had tipped down those ravines. Another set is a truck that hit a huge road out section at night he did not see. Finally, there is a series of photos from The Mongol Rally, the other rally across Central Asia. It is a Porsche 944 that was driving down those awful Uzbek roads when it hit a section where there was a raised hump of bitumen in the road. It ripped open the sump and fuel lines causing the car to catch fire. The two in the car got out safely just managing to grab a few valuables. The car was completely destroyed! The fire truck took 50 minutes to arrive. It put out the embers!

Tough roads these!

C-YA Andrew and Jeff

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