Rest day in Dushanbe. The Pamirs lie ahead!

Today was a day to recover and also plan for our next stage, the most anticipated but also the one with the most unknowns.The Pamir Highway.
This is the second highest altitude highway in the world (4655m). It traverses the mountains of Tajikistan which supply the snow and glacier melt that feeds the rivers of all of Central Asia. The road is paved in some areas but also has areas of unmade roads. The highway is damaged in places by erosion, earthquakes, landslides and avalanches.
We have found out that a section of this road is cut due to landslides caused by unseasonal glacier melts forcing large amounts of water down a number of valleys. Most of the road has been re-opened except for one area between Khorog and Mugrahb. We need to detour further south in one section along the picturesque Wachan Valley. It adds at least a day to our trip but enables us to tackle this memorable route.
The scenery along the Pamirs is spectacular and does draw a limited number of tourists to this highway. It is remote, but it is the “jewel of Tajikistan”.
The altitude is generally above 3000m but has large sections above 4000m with a peak of nearly 4800m. We are all eagerly looking forward to seeing this amazing wilderness. It will take us a couple of days to get into the Pamirs proper, and internet connections may be poor. So hang in there folks, we will post when we can!
C-YA Andrew and Jeff

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