Day 15 Drive to Mashhad

Semnan to Mashhad: Today was just a long drive to get to Mashhad. Nearly 700kms on reasonably good roads but a very warm day.Once again the obligatory morning checks and refuelling along the way.

It still amazes us how little fuel costs. $10 for 52 litres.
As we were leaving the refuelling station, a couple of buildings were pointed out to us across the road. Remember this is the Old Silk Road. There in front of us was a 1800 year old fort (to the right) and a 400 year old caravanserai.It reminds you of how old this part of the world is and how people have been trading for millennia in this region.

The road scenery is unfortunately very very monotonous, but at least you can travel at around 110kph. There are police laser speed traps constantly, so you take the speed limits seriously.

The rest stops along the way are fascinating. The older ones have divans that are shaded to lay in and also trees. Very practical and welcoming.

The modern ones are more stark and soulless, but they have all the supplies and food you want. From fruit and veg, to sweets, restaurants, and WCs. The locals roll out their mats and carpets and have picnics under the verandas. Cooking up a brew, eating lunch. Looks great with all the families there.

We have found a great way of keeping our drinks cold along the way. Using the cupholders right in front of the side air-con vents, chills down the drinks beautifully!

At 5pm, after our 8.45 am start, we arrived in Mashhad. Cooling down, cleaning up, writing emails, and getting ready to go out for dinner tonight.
We have decided that tonight we are having pizza. We cannot look at another kebab.
A day exploring Mashhad tomorrow! Looking forward to it.

C-YA Andrew and Jeff
Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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