Esfahan: 23rd July Evening dining

Esfahan: Dining in Style. What a night to finish in Esfahan. We walked to the Abbasi Hotel, again crossing that magnificent bridge where everyone was promenading and sitting. A balmy night. Just perfect to dine outside in a garden.

The Abbasi Hotel is the top pick in the Lonely Planet and definitely the place to stay in Esfahan.
It is an old Caravanserai, where the camel trains that traversed the Silk route gathered to sell their wares. It has a large central courtyard where the camels would be led into. Raised platforms, that were used as stages to stand on to unload the camels. All these have been converted into pools with fountains.
Around the edges are the alcoves where the merchants traded from, the upper stories being their warehouses. All these now converted into hotel rooms.

The central courtyard is awash with gardens, lawns and quince and pomegranate trees. In between are restaurants and tea houses. All beautifully lit and teaming with the beautiful people of Esfahan.
We had a great meal (the only exception being the lack of a beer!) in fabulous surroundings.

Wandering back to our hotel down a street full of colourful shops, lights and people shopping we came across C-YA’s Iranian cousin. I would love that licence plate!

Long drive tomorrow heading to a mid-point between here and Mashhad but via the beautiful city of Kashan.

C-YA Andrew and Jeff
Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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