Finally in Iran. Driving past Mt Ararat to the border was spectacular. Getting to what was supposed to be an easy crossing as we had all the necessary car papers and carnets turned out to be a two and a half hour wait. Most was related to negotiating the foreigners fuel tax, which started at 150 euros but successfully brought down to way below this level. We met our guide Arman who will be with us 7 days. He is a really pleasant young man and speaks great English and is really knowledgable..We lost one and a half hours in the time zone change and it turned out to be another late entry into Hotel Tabriz. We arrived at the outer town ring road and with chaotic, congested traffic we hit our hotel 5 hours later.

The bull bar on our car did not frighten any local drivers at all, they just drove in front of us and from the side.
Fuel is really difficult to get particularly diesel but have begging at a station it only costs about 35 cents a litre. Around $24 to fill the tank as compared to over $100 in Turkey.

Iran has around 85 million people with 12 million in Tehran and 2 million in Tabriz.
Without Arman we would never have got to the hotel ourselves. Andrew drove fantastically in total bumper to bumper and car to car chaos with no apparent road rules.
Tomorrow we are off to the Tabriz bazaar which is a world heritage site and the second largest bazaar in the world besides Damascus.

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