Day 8: The Black Sea Coast

Day 8: Safronbolu to Trabzon on the Black SeaToday was a long drive, and we were expecting it. Over 750kms, but it ended up being harder than we expected! We set off, together with Team Quokkastan, early in the morning.

Had our first police stop for speeding, but I think once they realised it was going to be all to hard because we were Aussies, they let us go!
The control centre of C-YA is working very well. In addition to our road maps, we have a TomTom GPS (which will run out once we leave Turkey!), and full GPS maps with apps on our i-pad. So far they have been spot on. It does help with navigating and we are sharpening our skills for the real challenges in the Stans and Mongolia ahead of us.

In our drive to the coast we unexpectedly came across a huge lake, stretching for tens of kilometres as we drove alongside it on a windy road. The views were spectacular. We also drove over beautiful rolling hills growing sunflowers and corn.

Lunch was a meal of kofte (grilled meatballs) and a simple tomato, cucumber and onion salad in a roadside cafe. Very tasty and cheap.

Along the coast it was sloooow! Lots of towns to pass through and again the ever-present traffic jam at the lights.
Very tiring and frustrating.

Just before we reached our destination we were tooted by a car passing us. It was a Polish team of young guys all kitted out for adventure in their 4WD. They saw our stickers and recognised fellow travellers.

Finally, just as the sun was setting at 8.30pm, we arrived in Trabzon at our hotel. DISASTER. In booking the hotel, I (Andrew) had been a day out and they had us for the next night, not tonight. Town was pretty much booked out because of the holiday weekend. We found a place by quickly checking on the internet. It is hard to find a hotel with parking!
We found the Antik-A Otel on the web. As luck would have it, team Quokkastan were just outside this hotel asking for directions when we contacted them. The chances of that??
It is in the seedy part of town, but it is a bed, and it has parking.
Some great places to see tomorrow in the forested mountains on the way to the Iranian order. More to come.

Andrew and Jeff

Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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