Istanbul rest day

Together with Team Quokkastan, we had a rest day in Istanbul, recharging batteries and checking out the sights. Warm, blue sky day. The Bosphorus looking fantastic. People friendly and happy.

After a fantastic dinner at a fish restaurant overlooking the Bosphorus, we caught up with Enrique and Paula from Ribbon and Beard. They had just arrived an hour before and they experienced no real traffic jams. Apparently the jam we were in yesterday made the local news it was so bad! Lucky us!

Shortly afterward we were joined by Jeroen and Jo from Ye-Yo, the firetruck. Lots of buzz in the conversations, talking about experiences of the past few days and journeys to come.

Friday we set off for Eastern Turkey, heading for Iran.Our next big challenge however will be winding our way out of Istanbul, then we cross the Bosphorus Bridge. Yay!

Andrew and Jeff

Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015


Andrew Bochenek
MiDental 553 Hay Street PERTH WA 6000

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