Day 4 Romania to Bulgaria

Day 4: Romania to Bulgaria

We woke to a cool misty morning after overnight rain in Brasov. Great little hotel with mountain views. Amazing how our car draws attention!

This is a group of English tourists checking our map.
We then set off to Bran, the place where you find Vlad the Impaler’s (Dracula’s) castle. Amazing little castle in a tiny town perched high on a hill.(Our spot message today at 14.54)

Then we set off south across the mountains to the Bulgarian border. It was raining at times on windy climbing roads, but the views were great. Signs of horse and cart are still here as well as shepherds with their flocks.Jeff got some tiny raspberries from a roadside vendor in the mountains. Sweetest berries ever!!

When we reached the border there was a huge stationary queue. We found out it was to cross the Danube Bridge, only one of two bridges that span the Danube that is the border between Romania and Bulgaria. It is currently only one lane due to road works on the bridge. It is extremely high and long as the Danube seems nearly more than half a kilometre wide here.

The drive south through Bulgaria was in torrential rain at times, heavy trucks on narrow main highways full of potholes. The infrastructure here still needs major work. Just to warm us up for future travels, signs are in cyrillic in Bulgaria, luckily often in Roman script underneath. After getting a little lost through some confusing roads we arrived in Plovdiv. Home of one of the best soccer teams in Europe, Locomotive Plovdiv. It has an amazing 2000 year old Roman amphitheatre right next to an old mosque.
Good little hotel with parking adjacent and a short walk into the old town. Had pizza and beer, we felt like slumming it!
Off to Istanbul tomorrow for a couple go nights rest from the long drives.

Andrew and Jeff
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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