Day 3 – On to Romania

Today we left Budapest and crossed over the border to Romania. It was the first border where we have been asked for our car papers. All passed after an anxious few minutes after they disappeared with our passports into the border office. So off we went.

The roads are very variable. It is obvious that the Romanians are slowly building a European style motorway system. However it is in its early stages. There are sections of motorway that abruptly stop and become 2 lane winding roads with lots of small towns they pass through with 50kph speed limits and Romanian police are present with radar guns everywhere. So progress is quick, slow, quick, slow, slow.

The day had a fairly constant drizzle that made you keep your wits about you whilst driving. We eventually reached our overnight stay, Brasov. In Transylvania, Vlad the Impaler country.
It is a beautiful little town with a touch of Hollywood in the hills around it.

The streets are cobblestoned and the building are quaint. The restaurants and bars have a quirky bohemian feel. We dined in a Romanian Mexican restaurant! Fantastic place with amazing food and very cheap. The local beer is called Ciuc (pronounced “chook”). It was a great drop. Jeff also had a Moldovan red wine. It went down a treat.

Off to Bulgaria tomorrow, and we hope to overnight in a great little town called Plovdiv!

Andrew and Jeff

Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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