Start of the rally

Today was the big day! The start of the adventure. We gathered at Jubilee Park near the centre of Brussels and walked around greeting old friends and making new friends. Some of the large trucks and ambulances are extremely well set up. Great fun checking out each others vehicles, discussing routes, timelines etc.
Very grand parade under the arches of the park to set off on our trip. It was so wonderful to have our family members there to see us off.
C-YA is running very well and cruises the autobahns comfortably at around 130kph. Jeff and I swap the driving around every 2 to 3 hours to keep fresh. We get lots of thumbs up, toots and stares on the road due to the signage on the car. Amazing responce!
Just when we were nearly at our final destination we ran into a huge traffic jam due to an accident on the autobahn. Held us up for more than an hour. A Serbian truck driver that called out “good on ya Aussies!” when we were stationary next to him in the jam, said such incidents on the roads are common here and occasionally he has gotten several in one day!
We have reached Regensburg in Southern Germany after nearly 700 kms today. A good night’s sleep and onwards tomorrow.
C-YA Andrew and Jeff

Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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