We have all systems go!

It has been a stressful few weeks for Team C-YA aka Khanonaussie. It looked as if our whole endeavour was about to collapse in a heap. After weeks of ringing insurance companies in the UK to obtain third party insurance for our car (which is compulsory to drive on the road) all we were getting were knock-backs. Despite calling on the RAC UK, the Australian Embassy and the British Insurance Brokers Association, we were told that they cannot insure an Australian Registered car. Luckily team “Two Dizzy Dames”, Leith and Laraine, knew of a contact that enabled us to get our CTP insurance. Thank you Ladies!!

Another nail-biting finish was ahead of us also. Our Iranian Visa! Due to some unexpected late paperwork required, the passports bounced backwards and forwards to the Iranian Embassy in Canberra. But today, finally, we have our passports back with all the visas and permits required. Mission accomplished! Thank you so much to the people at Travel Directors, Julie and Sarah! A massive amount of work.

Next stage, a farewell party at Steve’s Hotel this Sunday. All our friends to see us off! Be there!
C-YA Andrew and Jeff

. Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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