Only one visa to go!

It has been a long process. We have been without our passports since March. We have filled our forms galore that asked everything from father’s and grandfather’s details, to past travel histories, acknowledged we had not travelled to Israel recently, and sent multiple passport photos.
Our passports have travelled to Asia a couple of times by courier, have been to Canberra and back and we now have visas for Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakstan, Russia and Mongolia. The Turkish visa is electronic, so that is easy to get.
We have also finally received our special registration number for Iran, so the passports will do one more trip to Canberra to the Iranian embassy there. Then, in the next week we will have all our visas obtained. In Iran, we will have a guide who will meet us at the border and be our escort for the 7 days we are there. Aussies, Canadians, Americans and a number of other countries must have a guide accompany them if they are travelling independently by car.
Travel Directors have been fantastic in handling all this for us. Thank you so much Sarah and Julie.

C-YA Andrew and Jeff

Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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