Pamir Highway now too dangerous to use

Unfortunately the Tajik Government has ceased to issue permits for travel along the Pamir Highway in the east of Tajikistan. This area is one of the highlights of Tajikistan, the highest Highway in the world. Nevertheless, if there is the risk of extremist action then it is sensible not to go there.We have found another road we can use to get into Kyrgyzstan which sounds spectacular as well. They describe it as the Patagonia of Tajikistan. We will cross the Fan Mountains and beautiful Lake Iskanderkul. We also tackle the Anzob Tunnel. Known as “The Tunnel of Death”. Sounds great doesn’t it!

Read this:The tunnel was officially opened in March 2006; it was built by the Iranian Saber International consortium. Due to the significance of the tunnel, limited traffic flow was permitted via signing a waiver form noting potential hazards such as flooding and smog from construction equipment operating inside the tunnel prior to the final construction phase which may have included installation of ventilation and drainage infrastructure. The tunnel is currently filled with water, car exhaust, and broken-down construction equipment. The road surface itself contains potholes large enough to break an axle. A solitary fan in the middle tries to move some air, but the exhaust is so thick you can only see mere feet in front of the vehicle.

Andrew and Jeff

DUSHANBE, May 15, 2015, Asia-Plus – Tajik authorities have suspended issuing permits to foreign citizens for visiting the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO).

Rezo Nazarzoda, the deputy head of the Committee for Youth, Sports and Tourism Affairs under the Government of Tajikistan, says entry of foreign citizens to Gorno Badakhshan has been temporarily suspended because of uneasy situation in Afghanistan’s districts bordering the region.

“As soon as the situation in the neighboring country changes for the better we will resume issuing permits to foreign citizens for visiting Gorno Badakhshan,” Nazarzoda said, noting that tour operators know about that suspension.

We will recall that Radio Liberty reports that there has been a lot of trouble across northern Afghanistan in recent months and one reason is the arrival of militants from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan (IMU). When the Pakistani military started a large-scale operation in North Waziristan last spring it reportedly chased IMU militants from their safe havens and sent them, with their families, across the border into northern Afghanistan. Since then they have spread out from the Badakhshan Province in the east to Badghis Province in the west.

Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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