Shipping the cars

Khanonaussie and Team Quokkastan delivered their cars to be loaded on a container for shipping to Tilbury in the UK. It has been a flat out week buying new tyres and sorting out the packing trying to make sure we haven’t forgotten anything.
Thanks to all the great people at Mainlink International and especially Connor, who arranged the shipping for us. It all went smoothly and it was great to see our container arrive and being unloaded. Those side load container carriers can handle 32 ton!
We had to load our cars empty of fuel so Pete drained his tanks but Jeff and I had to run our car for nearly an hour to run it dry, even though the fuel empty light had been on for 60kms. These new diesels are so economical. Then it was a matter of disconnecting the batteries so all explosion risk was avoided so they could be safely shipped!
The container is shipped from Fremantle to Singapore where it is transshipped onto another vessel for Tilbury.
Just getting all the visas will keep us busy for the next few weeks. We have our Russian and Uzbek visas. Just starting on the Iranian ones now.

Andrew and Jeff

Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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