We have our car!!

Our Toyota Hilux Dual Cab is being workshop prepared ar Scarboro Toyota.
It is a 2008 model, 3 litre turbo diesel ,and will be perfect for our journey and a wonderfully useful car for Go Help in Mongolia.

Because of the poor road conditions for many months of the year, a 4WD vehicle is needed to be able to service the many communities in Mongolia.

It is a very “Aussie” car. If you look closely you will see the licence plate has “CYA” in the registration. A

“See ya!” is as Aussie as you get. We will be signing off all our blogs like that in the future.

We are planning to undertake an advanced 4WD driving course soon, as well as a couple of test weekends away in the car making sure everything works smoothly.

Jeff and Andrew have enjoyed reading Stephen Scourfield’s articles on the “Stans” in the West Australian travel section of the weekend paper.

The more we read, the more there is to look forward to. Should be one almighty adventure!


Andrew and Jeff

Andrew Bochenek
Mongolia Charity Rally 2015

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